Tuesday, May 8, 2012

WIN: French workers hope for new day under new leader, Hollande

By Doug Cunningham

French workers and their unions are hoping that the election of Socialist President Francois Hollande will mean a new day for workers on a variety of issues.

Paul Fourier is with the French union CGT. He says Hollande’s election is a rejection of austerity policies across Europe.

Fourier added:

It’s a rejection of austerity program in all of Europe, you know, because we said that the austerity plans in Europe in every country in Europe is not the solution for people. For citizens or the workers of course. And we have to find something to promote growth in Europe, to promote wages, to promote jobs creation.

Fourier says President Hollande will bring new policies as well as a new way of governing when it comes to workers’ issues.

Fourier also indicated:

A new way of speaking with unions, of speaking to workers and to citizens, you know. It’s 30 years we’ve been waiting for this new Socialist president - this new left president. I think there’s good hope in France.

Real GDP 2003-2012. The reason the U.S. is doing better than Europe is because we invested in stimulus, while the Euros tried austerity. 

It is interesting that the Euros used austerity in their recovery rather follow Keynesian economic principals that increase government spending and also cut taxes.

The Obama recovery with it stimulus was closer to the classic Keynesian model and was more successful than the European approach.

If Mitt Romney is elected president, he will use an austerity model that cuts social spending and increases defense spending. This should slow the US recovery.

source: Workers Independent News

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