Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Who will rescue America?

Could the Republicans win the presidency and the House. Certainly!

The GOP also has a good shot at the Senate, perhaps even better shot than they have at retaining the house.  This could be a complete reversal from 2008.

The Citizens United Ruling will make it easier for corporations to outspend the Democratic Party.

American unions are weak with only 6.9 per cent of the public labor force in unions. Of course, when Democrats get elected, the Democratic Party does little to strengthen unions.

When Republicans gain power is states, they pass 'right to work" laws that weaken unions.

A Romney win could have numerous consequences:

  1.  The US will become embroiled in another middle eastern war
  2. The GOP majority on the Supreme Court will be strengthened as more liberals retire. 
  3.  Wall Street will remain unregulated. 
  4. The American Labor movement that is already on it knees could be headed toward extinction.

Rightardia thought that Barack Obama was the one that could straighten away America. He oversold himself and perhaps many progressives expected too much.

The only good news is that we are certain a GOP majority will make another huge mess of things with their unfaltering belief in their 19th century philosophy and militarism.

Will the Democrats cooperate with a Republican president when the GOP would not?

Rightrdia hopes not, but Democrats are notorious for rolling over. Perhaps the Democrats will learn something by playing hardball as a minority party if they can't pull the House, Senate or presidency out of the fire..

RS Jaynes is correct about the Nazis. They took over the government when the German economy was in dire straits.

The US economy is in a far better situation than the European, but Obama and the Democrats seem to have gotten little credit for their work.


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