Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Republican NLRB Board Member Resigns After Leaking Board Documents To Romney campaign

Terence Flynn resigns before he got fired 

Republican National Labor Relations Board member Terence Flynn has resigned after the board’s Inspector General found Flynn had leaked confidential internal labor board documents to two former NLRB members who were working to undermine and discredit the board.

One of them, Peter Schaumber, is a former co-chair of Mitt Romney’s labor committee. AFL-CIO President Rich Trumka had called for Flynn’s resignation in March.

Mitt Romney made these comments before his labor adviser resigned:

I’m very concerned our president has pursued labor policies that are destructive to industry, to hiring and to job growth, Those policies are one reason America is having a very difficult time coming out of this economic slowdown.
Romney added he would encourage states to pass right to work laws, as South Carolina has done.
The NLRB had ruled against Boeing because it had broken the law. Terence Flynn had disclosed confidential documents about the ruling to Peter Schaumber. 
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