Thursday, May 24, 2012

A simple explanation of why you should vote to reelect Obama

When a Republican running for president says he can create more jobs than a Democratic incumbent, that person is either exaggerating or lying.

A corporatist like Mitt Romney could care less about employment. Worker productivity is always the primary concern of CEO's.

Corporations hire new workers are only when absolutely necessary and overtime for existing employees starts becoming prohibitive.

In the past, Mittens claimed he created 10,000 new jobs as the CEO of Bain. His latest  number is 100,000. He is even claiming he created more jobs as governor than Obama as president.

Of course, the comparison is apples and oranges. Romney wasn't governor during the Great Recession.

However, Romney's job creation while MA governor wasn't  exemplary. He was ranked 47th in job creation in the nation during his term.

Eric Fehrnstrom, the senior campaign adviser to the Mitt Romney presidential campaign, said: 

With respect to Mitt Romney’s four year term as governor of Massachusetts, he created between 30k and 40k jobs,” Fehrnstrom told  Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC on Monday. “That is more than President Obama has created for the entire nation.

Of course, Romney as a "vulture capitalist" also shuttered factories and destroyed thousands of jobs and some communities in the process. 

Salon claims Obama created 35,000 private sector jobs to date. The economic stimulus also saved the jobs of many police, fire fighters and teachers. 

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