Thursday, May 24, 2012

The atheist pig cartoon

What can you say about an atheist pig that hasn't been said?

Secular Human was thinking along the same lines as the cartoon. The suggestion that our food comes from the Divine is silly.

Farmers plant seeds, water and fertilize the crops, and then harvest the grains, fruits and vegetables for our meals. Much  of the food is harvested by immigrant share croppers who have been coming to the US for years to help farmers.

Now these immigrants have been demonized by one of the political parties.

Tens of thousand of animals are slaughtered daily to bring meat to our tables: primarily beef, pork, fish, and fowl.

All of this food has to be trucked to distribution points where it is packaged and delivered to grocery stores.

Men and women spend about 10 per cent of their income on groceries. People  travel to a grocery store to purchase groceries and get them bagged for a trip home. The groceries have to be stored in pantries, fridges and freezers in one's home.

The food can then be prepared and served;

Who should we really give thanks to? Try this prayer!

Thank you, Sun, for giving the energy to this world. 

(Thank you, rain, for watering the earth and the refreshing drinks.)

Thank you, Earth, for providing the nourishment that has grown my food.

Thank you, little plants, for giving up your days basking in the sun and soil for me.

Thank you, sweet animals, for giving of your flesh and body so that mine may continue.

(Thank you, ______________ for preparing this delightful meal that nourishes me.)

Thank you, farmers (and grocers). You are so much more important than anyone gives you credit for. You keep us all alive.

This is a secular prayer from Rightardia made a few changes to it.

Think God provides the food we eat? Half of the population of the world is involved in agricultural production according to an article in The Smithsonian magazine.
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