Friday, May 11, 2012

A serious ass kicking is needed.

Who does these people think they are? The Republicans  got walloped in 2008 and launched a goal line stand against the new president.

The 112th Congress passed less than 100 bills in the past two years and went out of session with a 17 per cent overall rating.

Every vote in the Senate now requires a 60 vote cloture vote.

Do Republicans think Democrats will cooperate with them in they event they ever regain power?

Matt Tiabbi said today that Obama already has the presidency locked up and the DCCC thinks they will take back the House.

Republicans will make their last stand in the Us Senate. If the Democratic victory in 2012 is big enough, Democrats could hold onto the Senate, too.

The only thing that will bring the GOP back into the real world is a serous ass kicking and a lot of cognitive dissonance, a big word for a wake-up call.

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