Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Online Masters Degree: Myths about college sports

College Sports Myths
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As far as Rightardia could tell, college sports is primarily about getting contributions from alumni. Football and to a lesser degree, basketball, are big alumni draws.

We are not fans of American football and consider it an expensive, bloated sport with teams that often exceed 80 players.

The sport is over-specialized with kickoff teams, return teams, field goal teams, punting teams and so forth.

The game is slow with entirely too many time outs and is micro-manged by coaches who call for unnecessary play reviews.

Most colleges could operate a men's and women's soccer teams for less money than a traditional; football team. This is why some small colleges have abandoned football.

Even the head coach of a college football team does not really coach, his staff does. The primary function of many college head coaches is to recruit high school players.

Of interest, in Florida, most art and music teachers were laid off when the Great Recession started, However, the high school athletic programs such as football were left untouched by the budget cutters.

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