Saturday, May 26, 2012

No More Nice T-Mobile

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T-Mobile's "No More Mr. Nice Girl" commercial tagline hit the nail on head -- T-Mobile isn't playing nice when it comes to supporting American jobs or supporting their employees.

T-Mobile's latest not-so-nice play? Closing seven U.S. call centers putting 3,300 people out of work. 

Meanwhile, T-Mobile USA currently has around 6,000 workers in overseas call centers in the Philippines, Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, and Panama. 

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Rightardia had an account with t-Mobile for about three years until some unreal billing strated showing up. We dropped them like a hot potato and then got a huge bill for breaking the contract. 

We think someone is upper management has snapped after the AT&T buyout failed and the T-Mobile execs weren't able to retire with huge golden parachutes. 

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