Sunday, May 27, 2012

Grover is getting a backlash on his tax purity pledge

Rep. Timothy Johnson (R-IL) said that while he signed the pledge for his first election, he now considers Norquist’s stance “disingenuous and irresponsible“:

I would never in a million years have considered this as some kind of a locked-in-granite pledge. Frankly, I didn’t even remember it. That shows you how obscure it was to me.

. . . I’m not saying I’m even committed now to a tax increase, but I think anybody who doesn’t indicate their willingness to look at revenues — expiration of tax loopholes, tax credits, increase in contribution to Social Security, which is a tax, and otherwise — would be disingenuous and irresponsible.

Several Republican members of Congress have been battered in their town halls for their fealty to Norquist tax purity pledge. 

A constituent told Rep. Rick Berg (R-ND).

You work for North Dakota residents, not some guy from another state
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