Thursday, May 17, 2012

Democratic congressman has ties to Fasttrain

Alcee Hastings
South Florida 23rd District US Congressman Alcee Hastings has ties to FastTrain College, 

The FBI raided "the for-profit" school campuses throughout Florida after first raiding the Jacksonville campus. The FBI is conducting a criminal investigation relating to alleged Pell Grant fraud.

Hastings, a Democrat, was the commencement speaker at the school’s first ever graduation in November.

At the event, school president (and owner) Alex Amor handed out the Congressman Alcee Hastings Annual Leadership Scholarships. Two students received $2,500.

A Hastings' spokesperson has not yet returned a request seeking comment.

Besides delivering the school’s commencement address, Hastings had addressed faculty and students at the school’s Fort Lauderdale campus in March 2011, 

Amor has also given $6,500 in campaign contributions to Hastings in 2010.

Update: Rightardians may want to to check out the Huffington Post article about Fasttrain and this congressman:



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