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Morning Joe at Fenway Park in Boston talks about Mittens 'people skills'

Mitt Romney - The Shake-N-Fake Candidate

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Mika Brezenski was asking politicians in Boston what they thought about Mittens when he was the governor.

The show featured: Mike Barnicle, Doris Kearns Goodwin, Sam Stein, Richard Haass, Peter Gammons, Elizabeth Warren, Mayor Tom Menino, Fmr. Rep. Bill Delahunt, State Sen. Sonia Chang-Diaz, Sen. Scott Brown, Sen. John Kerry, Rep. Ed Markey, Sen. John Thune, Bud Selig, and Larry Lucchino

Some of the panelists described Mittens as cool and calculating. Other terms were "distant" and "hard to know."

The panelists talked about a book called the "Real Romney" which the panelists agree gave an accurate portrayal of Mittens.

We looked at on of the top reviews of the Real Romney book at This is what one reviewer said:

Almost all politicians know that to survive and be successful in such a position, you need to know the other side and work towards compromise. That wasn't Romney. He didn't want to know the other side, and he acted as though he were the CEO of the State. He seemed to forget that there was a legislature that he had to work with, and by many accounts, he got little accomplished in his time in the State House for that very reason. In addition, he had a history of being one sided that was beginning to catch up with him near the end of his term. This is also the Romney that many people saw in Salt Lake City when he worked to get the Olympic Games back on track.

Joe Scarborough tried to change the subject suggesting Obama had the same problems relating to people.


The panelists said that Romney signed the bill that gave health care to 98 per cent of residents of the state and that this program is doing well. They chastised the former governor for walking away from the program.

If you look at Romney's term as governor, he was not a success and left office with a 30 per cent favorability rating. Accordingly, he was not able to run for reelection.

If you are on the the fence about the presidential race, check out the Wikipedia article at

In particular, read the section Tenure, 2003–2007. You may also want to click on the footnote annotations in the article which take you to the sources for the Wikipedia article.

Essentially Mittens vetoed 844 pieces of legislation, with more than 700 overridden according to Conservapedia.

Mittens even vetoed a minimum wage bill and eventually even alienated Republican state senators. Most of his vetoes were overturned.  He is a my way of the highway leader who lack people skills.

If Mittens manages to win the election, he would likely be a one term president.

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