Monday, April 9, 2012

Flackcheck: Sunday hosts tell Simple Rick they no longer take him serously

Uploaded by FlackCheck on Apr 6, 2012

Uploaded by  on Apr 6, 2012 - A message from to presidential candidates: if you appear on a Sunday news show and are asked questions such as those we feature in this video, we think the host is trying to tell you something. But Sunday show hosts, what's the message these questions send to voters?

It not only simple Rick, but the Newster still hasn't "suspended his campaign either." Newt's campaign is more than $ 4million in debt and he didn't even register in the last National Gallup poll that rated the GOP candidates

Santorum is a religious wing nut who thinks America just needs old time religion to fix our ills. 

He has little appeal among independents and most Democrats would like to tar and feather this dumb ass!

OK, excuse our French , but this slate of GOP candidates is the most pathetic we can ever remember.  

We expect the GOP to get thrashed in November and it will be well deserved. We doubt if the Super PACS will be able to save the GOP. 

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