Monday, April 2, 2012

DriftGlass: The imaginary American left

From DriftGlass:

Pound for pound, Centrism is the biggest and most debilitating lie in American politics bar none.  It is the Big Lie that makes all the little lies possible, which is why I focus so hard on those who traffic in it.  They are the ones most vulnerable to and terrified of being called out in public.  They  are the ones we must run out of the media on a rail.

Rightardia agrees that the so-called "left" in the US is equivalent to the center in Europe. The Democratic Party in the US has more in common with centrist Liberal Party in the UK than the left wing Labour Party.

There is a Green Party in Europe that wins seats in legislatures. In the US we have a club in the US that advocates environmental issues, the Sierra club.

Socialism is a dirty word in the US and nearly six in ten Americans have an unfavorable view of this -ism: See

Yet only 53 per cent of Americans believe capitalism is better than socialism. Twenty per cent disagree. See

The Republicans have represented the one per cent and affluent for decades. How can the race be this even be close? 

Mittens is as big an oaf as his father, George, was and pays a lower income tax rate than middle class Americans. He talks about his friends who own auto racing and NFL teams and is putting a car lift in one of his new homes. He now has only two homes, down from the five he owned in the last election. 

Mittens recently indicated he didn't want people to know about his plans as president because people wouldn't vote for him. 

Check out Romney bio on Wikipedia:

He was an unpopular MA governor who vetoed 800 bills and had most of his vetoes overturned. He left office with 30 per cent approval. That is why he didn't run for reelection.

Mittens even stated he anticipated being a one term president. 


Because he knows his policies will be unpopular when he tries to run the US like a private equity firm.

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