Sunday, March 18, 2012

Why Republicans have lost their mojo

In the past, after Super Tuesday, The GOP would have a nominee. The RNC tried to create more interesting primary by awarding delegates proportionally. This approach worked for the Democrats because they had a two strong candidates: Obama and Hillary.

Michael Steele also pointed out that the GOP "winner take all" primaries disenfranchised the states that voted after Super Tuesday. Steele changed the primary rules. Many Republicans are blaming Steele for the inability of the GOP to unite behind one candidate because  of the primary rules change.
Mitt Romney has a large bank account, but his political stock is low

However, the real problem is the GOP is offered a weak slate of candidates. In the past a 90 pound weakling like Romney with a huge war chest could vanquish his opponents.

Making the GOP primaries more democratic isn't helping a party that is essentially undemocratic and is more interested in winning the election than picking the "people's choice."

Rightardia looked at a Gallup Poll that compared the enthusiasm that Republicans had for their candidates in 2008 and 2012. John McCain had a higher  enthusiasm rating in 2008 than Mittens has in 2012.

Of interest, the enthusiasm level for Mittens in 2008 was almost unchanged in 2012. Mittens political stock peaked in 2008 and hasn't gone up.

Both Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum are trying to sell their conservative credentials. Rightrdia doesn't think conservatism will sell after GW Bush. We agree with Michael Steel that the Republicans are off message and grasping for a political straw.

Of course, this is is party that has historically has been two dimensional, running on tax cutting and defense.

You don''t see Republicans saying too much about tax cuts because the news media has been breaking their ideas down with tables and graphics showing how the GOP favors the one per cent.

After a decade of war in Iraq and Afghanistan, Americans are not interested in more military misadventures in Syria or Iran.

The problems the GOP is facing in the general election are obvious: a weak front runner, one who is weaker than John McCain, The  loss of luster for conservative credentials and the inability to run on issues that have resonated with the electorate in the past are hurting the GOP.

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