Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Some of the big media companies don't play well with others

Everyday Rightardia searches innumerable news sources for news. Many of these are press services but we also look at the Huffington Post, Politico .com and the Daily Beast, just to mention a few.

Unfortunately, none of the above allow sharing beyond basic Tweets and Facebook shares. We had to poke around for several minutes to find a sharable story on Harry Reid who is trying to push Obama's judicial nominations through the Senate.

This is a basic political story that should not be protected by terms of use or copyright, but it was not sharable until we found the article on the appointments  in Roll Call. You would think the Huffington Post would know better. After all, it started out as a blog.

Some blogs even have copy right notices on them. However, some do share. A good example of a sharing blog is the the Daily KOS. Notice the Daily KOS' disclaimer.

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Rightardia is able to use a lot of art and cartoons because we have asked permission to do so. There are substantially more artists and cartoonists with Democratic sympathies than Republican.

That is probably do to the sentiments of the GOP to suppress the arts and public media.

Our favorite sites that share? That  would be Al Jazeerra, Haaretz, Ria Novosti and the Tampa Bay Times. Al Jazeera, Haaretz,  and the Tampa bay Times have sharing Blogger hyperlinks.

Ria Novosti has sharable HTML scripts. We use the scripts to embed RN article thumb nails and cartoons .

We think some of the media would be smarter to embed links and services for the different blogs and or to use scripts to make their content sharable.

From our perspective, it seems pointless to find an article in the Huffington Post and then have to look for another source that will share the information.

We have had to do that a lot lately.

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