Sunday, March 18, 2012

Rutgers student who secretly recorded gay roommate is convicted

A very stupid boy, the kind you don't take home to momma

A Rutgers freshman, Dhrrun Ravi, secretly recorded his gay roommate performing a homosexual act and then posted it on the Internet.

The gay roommate committed suicide afterward by jumping off of the George Washington bridge.

The young man used a 'jerky kid" defense and was confident he could beat the charges. He was so wrong.

He was convicted of bias intimidation, invasion of privacy, and other charges. He could face a 10 year prison term or be deported to India. Others have described Ravi's misdeed as cyber bullying.

Rightardia is not sympathetic Ravi turned down a plea deal that would have required community service.

So the young man doubled down on being stupid. First, he broke the law when he spied on his gay roommate and then he turned down a generous plea deal that would have avoided a jury trail.

Update: One article on the Huffington post suggested if Ravi took a plea deal he would have been deported. The state's attorney apparently promised to help Ravi with any deportation hearings, but it is unlikely it would have been able to offer much help.

There are also Alford pleas in which he accused can accept the penalty without making a guilty plea.

sources: NY times and and Tampa Bay Times

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