Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Rightardia Alexa ratings get even better, 3/13/2012

Rightardia broke the global 500,000 barrier and the 70,000 barrier in the US. We still haven't bottomed out.

We already have 8936 posts and should hit 9,000 sometime next week.

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Lucifel said...

Random thought: it's funny how in America the only true alternative to conservative view is what you yourself (and many others) calls "liberal" and "progressive". Those terms, in most other places (especially those under a true leftist government) are synonymous to a right-wing policy not that different from conservatives. US lacks a true left-wing party.

Rightardia said...

A lot of US conservative thought is an extreme form of liberal thought. Liberal though existed before conservative thought.

In the US we have a center (Democrats) and a right. There are only a few real leftists in the US government. Bernie Saunders would be one.

Liberalism first became a powerful force in the Age of Enlightenment rejecting the monarchs in Great Britain and France. The US and French revolutions we liberal revolutions.

There is nothing new about liberal thought. its been around for more than 200 years. bill maher is rigth: The Founders were the first liberal elite.