Saturday, March 17, 2012

No impact Newt Gingrich

In a recent Martin Bashir interview, Rick Tyler, the campaign manager, suggested Newt Gingrich was hanging on to prevent Mittens form getting the nomination.

If Gingrich were to drop form the race, it would have about equal impact on Mittens and Simple Rick according to a Gallup Poll.

Apparently, Ron Paul wants the VP slot which explains why he rarely attacks Romney.

Of all the GOP candidates, Paul is the closest thing to a typical American who would be able to relate to the problems of middle calls Americans. We really do understand why has many followers.

What is Newt's objective? He is unlikely to be offered the VP slot because that would diminish Mittens presidential campaign.

Will the party let Newt speak at the GOP convention in Tampa? Rightardia cannot imagine the party insiders would want this ego-maniac on the Republican convention stage.

Rightardia suspects Newt wants a cabinet position, probably the Secretary of Defense.

That's fine with Rightardia because we don't expect the GOP to win the presidency. That should be the end of this political misfit.


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