Thursday, March 15, 2012

Newsy: Romney takes the one-two punch

Mittens lost AL and MS and Simple Rick emerges at the alpha conservative dog. Newt should hit the road, but he he still looking for his "third resurrection." 

Newsy and other political observers suggest Ron Paul and Mittens have a pact. We doubt that Paul would want the vice presidency. He would probably want to be Secretary of State. 

If Israel thinks it has problems now, imagine Paul as Secretary of State!

It is looking like Mittens won't make it to Tampa with 1114 delegates to win. So he will have to make a deal with Simple Rick and perhaps offer the running mate position.

Would this help Mitt with his conservative base. Sure! 

Would Simple Rick help mittens in the general election. 

Rightardia thinks Santorum as the GOP VP candidate would make it impossible for Romney to be elected.

However, whoever gets the GOP nod, this seems like a repeat of the "Game Change" the GOP needed in 2008.

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