Saturday, March 31, 2012

Gov. Scott Walker has a bad week after recall set and court loss


By Doug Cunningham
Wisconsin U.S. District Court Judge William Conbley has struck down key provisions of Wisconsin’s anti-union Act 10, giving public employee unions a victory on dues check-off and the annual re-certification elections. Here’s the remedy the court ordered:

…the court will enter an injunction requiring a return to automatic dues deductions for all members of public unions no later than May 31, 2012. This should give sufficient time for the defendants to seek a stay of this injunction from the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals, and for government entities to adopt a workable procedure to return to automatic deductions should the Seventh Circuit deny a stay, while balancing the plaintiffs’ and their now-voluntary members’ rights to a return to payroll deductions.
Consistent with the above, the court will also immediately suspend Act 10’s annual, mandatory recertification of general employee unions by an absolute majority of their members.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s administration can still appeal this ruling. 

Wisconsin’s Government Accountability Board today officially set the recall election against Walker for June 5th, with primary elections set for May 8th. 

More than 900,000 valid recall signatures were turned in forcing Walker’s recall over his attack on public worker collective bargaining. 

A new poll from NBC/Marist shows any generic Democrat challenger to Walker beating the governor 48-46 percent.

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source: Workers Independent News

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