Saturday, March 31, 2012

Alan Grayson's peculiar House opponent

Mark Oxner's first ad suggests some Disney animators have run amok

Alan Grayson's  deliriously dippy opponent, Mark Oxner, appears to be upset that the public has tagged Oxner as a bigot for running an ad depicting President Barack Obama as the evil captain of a slave ship, holding young white girls in chains. So now Oxner has a new ad out, arguing that I’m the real bigot. This is what psychiatrists refer to as “projection.”

Here is Mad Mark’s argument:
  1. The million members of the national organization Democracy of America chose me at their "Progressive Hero" last month. (By a margin of about 4-to-1, actually.)
  2. If DFA says that I’m a “Progressive Hero," then Grayson must be a progressive.
  3. Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood (“oooooooh, Planned Parenthood!!"), also was a progressive.
  4. Margaret Sanger advocated "eugenics and abortion," says Oxner, "to prevent the wrong kind of people from having children."
  5. "Therefore" (and this seems like assault and battery on the very concept of "therefore") Grayson also must be an advocate of “eugenics and abortion." At this point in Oxner’s new ad, several cute little babies are obliterated by a big red circle with a line through it.
  6. And then Oxner scolds me, saying, "there’s no such thing as the 'wrong kind of people.'"
Sometimes, a syllogism becomes a silly-gism. This is one of those times.

To recap, in Oxner’s first ad, he accused our first African-American President of being captain of a slave ship full of white girls. And now, in Oxner's second ad, he accuses a Jewish person, with relatives who died in the Holocaust, of being a believer in Nazi eugenics. How . . . sensitive. Or, nutty as a fruitcake. A fruitcake with extra nuts in it.

That really is a heaping helping of bonkers. I didn’t realize that you could buy that many tickets on the Crazy Train.

Seeing as how Oxner thinks that Grayson so obsessed with racial purity, he must think that it was utterly hypocritical of me to marry a woman who is not white, and then for us to have five beautiful children together.

Here is a multiple choice question. Is Mark Oxner: 

(a) Unbalanced;
(b) Unglued;
(c) Unhinged; or
(d) Unzipped?

Answer: there is no way – NO WAY – that a crazy bigot like Mark Oxner belongs in Congress. 

If that’s how you see it, too, then please toss a few drachmas into our "Beat the Bigot" fund.Because as Dan Quayle said, a mind is a terrible thing to lose. Just ask Mark Oxner.


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