Friday, March 16, 2012

Rightardia Middle East wrap-up

The MPR-500 is in the brown and white ordinance in the background

Israel has developed an improved precision, bunker-burrowing weapon which Israeli Military Industries (IMI) unveiled during peak US-Israel friction over a strike against Iran.

The 500-pound MPR-500 is an electro-optical bomb that can penetrate double-reinforced concrete walls or floors.

The US supplied GBU-28 is 5,000 pound bomb and would certainly be more effective than a 500 pounder.

Accrding to Defense update, Israel Military Industries Ltd. (IMI) announced that the Boeing Company has approved IMI’s 500-pound Multi Purpose Rigid (MPR 500) Bomb as compatible with the low cost Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAM) guidance kit.

Israel is also expanding its tanker fleet. The US has offered to supply 4 more Boeing 707 tankers which would give Israel a total of eight tankers.

Apparently four of the US 707 tankers that were provided to Israel in the past are inoperative.

Rightardia is still convinced that an Israeli air raid on Iranian nuclear facilities would be ineffective without extensive US strategic bomber and tanker support. 

We suspect that Obama's refusal to provide this support that could cause a regional middle eastern war is what is angering the Israelis.

Newsmax is suggesting that an Israeli attack on Iran would be joint operation that used missiles, warplanes, drones, and special operations forces. 

Israel would attack Iran with its Jericho missiles and Iran would respond with its Shahab 3 missiles. 

In a related development, UK Prime Minster David Cameron said:

I don't think the Israelis should take that action now. We told them they shouldn't and said we wouldn't support it if they did. We've been very clear. 


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