Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The black and white world of the far right conservative and women

Right wing nuts see the world in black and white. A good example are the views of these folks on race and the conservative view that America was founded as a white Christian nation.

Conservatism functions more like a reaction to liberalism than a philosophy that has a clear set of values.

For example, young people in high school need sexual abstinence, not sex education. Chastity rings are certainly more effective than the pill, aren't they?

Whoops, abstinence didn't work and a young women is preggers. Well, don't even think about an abortion, young lady. According to Rick Santorum, even if a women is raped, the pregnancy is a gift from God.

By the way, once your "gift from God" is born, don't ask a conservative government for help raising your child. Raise that child on your bootstraps and don't put your hand out for government welfare.

Regarding taxes, if we cut the income, tax, the capital gains tax and the estate tax for American's most productive people, the affluent, this will create jobs for a welfare queen like yourself. We did this when GW Bush was president and look how the Ownership society thrived.

The Great Recession and the sub-prime mortgage crises would have been a lot worse of Bush hadn't cut those taxes.

Had you remembered America was founded a white Christian nation, you would have never gotten preggers to begin width. Those who attend church are less affected by the sins of the flesh.

Go to church, harlot before I have to cast the first stone! 

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