Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Al Jazeera English: US and Israel: Good cop/bad cop on Iran

New York, NY - "Everyone who goes to the movies knows about a game police interrogators play called "Good Cop/Bad Cop". The "good" cop tries to seduce the accused, promising he will go easy if there is co-operation.

The "bad" cop is more menacing, threatening and sometimes inflicts brutality to force admissions or a confession. The duo coordinates their approaches to give their victims a false sense that they can wriggle out of their problems with the bad by cooperating with the good. Tel Aviv and Washington are playing this game with Iran."

With all of the posturing, it is easy to lose site that Israel lacks the air capability to attack Iran. The US would need to support an Israeli attack with KC-10 tankers and the B-2 bombers carrying two 30,000 pound Mother of All Bombs (MOB) bunker busters.

Israel would also have to overfly Iraqi airspace both inbound and outbound and would likely have some aircraft shot down. Iran would probably get warning of the attacks because the Russians upgraded a big radar site in Syria

Russia could up the ante by deploying the S-300 air defense system into Iran. The Russians may be restrained by Obama suggesting the Jackson-Vanik amendment could be rescinded in his second term.

The Russians want to trade with the US and this is probably the only reason they are restrained in Iran.

Of course, if the GOP wins the 2012 election, something that seems improbable, they would never trade with Russia.  Republicans see Russia as an ideological enemy.

Enemies are needed to justify massive defense spending that the GOP prefers. 

See the complete article at: US and Israel: Good cop/bad cop on Iran - Opinion - Al Jazeera English

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