Monday, February 20, 2012

WIN: Mittens crusin' for a bruisin' in a big labor state


Michiganders vote in a Republican primary in one week and candidate Mitt Romney has made the dividing issue organized labor.

Romney has spent the last week on the stump attacking labor and very specifically the United Auto Workers.

He accused his rival former Senator Rick Santorum, of being “unapologetic” in defending organized labor pointing specifically to votes Santorum took against right-to-work legislation.

Michigan has the fifth highest rate of union workers in the country with 17.5 percent of workers members of a labor organization.

Romney has been endorsed by Gov. Rick Snyder who has used emergency financial managers to dismantle union contracts in economically struggling municipalities and school districts.

Romeny also opoosed the Obama administration loans to GM and Chyrsler.  Had both companies been forced into bankruptcy,  labor contracts would have been voided.

Instead management and labor will able to renegotiate contracts that saved thousands of jobs.

Rightradia agrees with Newt Gingrich comment that if you cannot win your home state, you are not a contender. 

Father Santorum leads Romney 37% to 33% in the latest poll by Public Policy Polling (PPP). The current polls released late Sunday and Mittens has chipped away at a 15 point lead that Father Rick has at the end of Febriary.

Of course, Mittens is outspending Simple Rick by nearly a three to one margin in Michigan:

Romney war chest : $3.2 million (Romney campaign--$1.2 million; Restore Our Future Super PAC --$2 million)
Santorum money bomb: $1.1 million (Santorum--$480,000; Red, White, and Blue Super PAC Fund--$655,000)


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