Thursday, February 23, 2012

WIN: Foxconn Accused Of Altering Work Scheduling In Advance Of Apples’ Audit

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One of Apple’s most notorious Chinese subcontractors continues to create negative headlines for the company. Jesse Russell reports:

Foxconn, a Chinese company that manufactures products for Apple, Microsoft and other US tech giants, is under fire once again by an international labor watchdog.

The Students & Scholars against Corporate Misbehavior is alleging that the company changed scheduling habits for teenage workers in advance of Apple’s audit of the subcontractor. According to research by the watchdog those employees were sent to other departments during the audit and weren’t scheduled any overtime.

One of the employees interviewed by the group said that during the audit, management offered three break opportunities while in a typical non-audited shift she would only receive one.

Apple launched the audit following investigations that revealed Foxconn had violated the company’s code of conduct. Over the course of 2010, 18 employees at Foxconn committed suicide due to the dismal working conditions.

The NightLine video was remarkable if you have not seen it. It showed the suicide nets that Foxconn placed outside of plant windows. Foxconn also established counseling centers to help distraught employees.

Workers live in dormitories but their is no familial units in the dorms.

Rightardia thinks the Chinese government needs to set up some basic labor standards for workers.

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