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RT: 'Israel has no capability to attack Iran'

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This is a good run down on the Iran situation. It is an analysis that you will not see in US mainstream media.

Essentially Perter Eyre says the US is after regime change in Iran. Eyre also indicates that Israel alone does not have the capability to attack Iran, something Rightardia said a few weeks ago. See Eyre's comments at 4.35 minutes.

If Iran is attacked it will be by combined US and Israeli air forces. Israel only has 15 F-15I Strike Eagle aircraft and 8 Boeing 707 tanker aircraft. The 5,000 lb. GBU-28 bunker buster bomb is to too under powered to take out Iranian nuclear facilities. Israel could also launch missiles but the Iranians would be sure to respond with their own.

The Russia Today interview says:

Questions remain over Iran's nuclear programme after UN atomic officials said Tehran has failed to co-operate with them. The international community suspects that Tehran is building a nuclear bomb, but Iran insists it's only seeking peaceful atomic energy. The U.S. and its allies have been imposing tough economic sanctions, while Israel has even threatened military action against Iran's nuclear sites. But it's being reported that America's intelligence community has doubts about the nuclear allegations. RT talks to the Middle East Consultant, Peter Eyre.

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