Sunday, February 12, 2012

Politico: GOP Caucus system under fire

"The presidential caucus system is under attack after embarrassing contests in Iowa and Nevada put on national display missing ballots, endless counting delays and lots of confusion."

Both the state Republican chairman in Nevada and Iowa resigned because of the ineptly run caucuses. Ron Paul's team was running live video feeds at all of the caucus locations in Iowa because it probably suspected the Republican caucus system is corrupt.

Rightardia did not understand why the primary results in Missouri were non-binding. Votes are supposed to count in primaries.

Likewise, Romney won the Maine caucus, but The caucus results will not automatically determine which candidate receives Maine's delegates at the Republican National Convention in August,

It seems like the GOP primary process is designed so the results can be manipulated to meet the expectations of establishment Republicans and party insiders.

Rightardia has said all along that we thought the fix was in for Mittens.

How can Mittens lose in a flawed system like the one the GOP uses?

source: Caucus system under fire - Topix

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