Sunday, February 19, 2012

NY Times: Israeli air capabilities against Iran are limited.

The only aircraft capable of attacking Iranian  nuclear sites are F-15E Strike Eagle fighter bombers that can carry a 5,000 lb. payload. to drop GB-28 bunker buster bombs on nuclear facilities at Nanantz and Fordo.
GBU-28 bunker buster. 

Israel would need more than the eight Israel had eight KC-707 American-made tankers they have in their inventory. The tankers would probably have to fly at around 50,000 feet to survive over Iran. 

Because the  F-15E would be loaded down with the GBU-28s, their range and altitude would be limited and require numerous aerial refuels both inbound and outbound from Iran. 

The Israelis are likely trying to get the US to use its B-2 bombers that carry two new 30,000 lb. bunker busting bombs the US is developing. 

Obama is probably refusing the request for combat bomber support that is angering both the Israeli government of Benjamin Natenayahu and the Republicans on the Hill. 

KC-10 tanker

The Israelis may also try to get some of the newer KC-10 tankers or the older Kc-135s.  The KC-135s have been mothballed so retrofitting them would take months. 

The Israelis would also have to greatly expand its tanker fleet to launch a successful air operation. 

Intrade predicts less than a 50 per cent probability that Israel will attack Iran before the end of the year:

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