Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Latest BS from Benjamin Netanyahu

Israeli officials say they won't warn the US if they launch a pre-emptive strike against Iranian nuclear facilities.

Israel won't provide warning so that the US will not be held responsible for failing to stop Israel's potential attack.

That the official version, any way.

Obama has said all along he would prefer not to know if Israel launches a pre-emptive attack.

You can be sure US indications and warning intelligence staff are watching for an Israeli attack.

Rightardia thinks an air attack is beyond the capabilities of Israel. Israel would need a larger tanker fleet than 8 Boeing KC707s and more than the 25 F-15I Strike Eagles it has .

These fighter bombers can drop two 5,000 lb GBU-28 bunker busters.  That will probably be insufficient to neutralize the Iranian nuclear facilities. 

Israel could launch a missile attack and also plan a large scale special operations assault with airborne forces. Getting these ground forces out of Iran after the attack would be problematic. 

Israel has undoubtedly requested KC-10 tanker support and bomber support with the US TOP SECRET B-2 bomber.

Would Obama allow these aircraft to overfly Iran. Rightardia hopes not? Compromise of this aircraft would have a grave effect on US national interests. 

Israel could also request B-1 bomber support. The B-1 can carry 15× GBU-38 JDAM GPS guided bombs (Mk-82 GP warhead). However, these are are 500 ponders.

The B-1 can also drop 24 of the the 2000 pound GBU-31. Both payloads would be smaller than the the 5000 lb GBU-28 that the Israel F-15I Strike Eagle carries.

It is possible to put bladders into C-130s so they can function as tankers, but Israel would have to modify quite a few C-130s and train crews for his special mission.

However, It would not be easy for Israel to overcome the bomber shortfall because it has no strategic bombers in it inventory.

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