Monday, February 27, 2012

Barack Obama: A womans's ability to decide . .

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greg1lent said...

you have to be kidding... 1. if the others didnt support women why woould they have married them and why would the women have married them... (and if the arguement is that they are all stupid, unenlightened or into abuse then, i would observe that whoever would make that arguement thinks much more lowly of women than those who would commit their lives to them and have children by them) 2 this statement confuses the term rights with plain old natural abilites... of course every woman and man has the ability to control their own reproduction... aside from rape... come on... do we really need to go into how babies are made... 99.9% of the time... at some point its a choice... 3. can we please just talk about real issues... do the people who make little pic like this really think that we are so gullible as to be influenced by sappy fluffy when this is about babies dieing, unwed mothers and fathers... billions of dollars, and moral and ethical questions that real people must decide and live with the consequences of those decisions the rest of their lives... come on...

Rightardia said...

You aren't thinking outside of the box. This quote pertains to birth control and choice.

Most women would know exactly what the president is talking about.

Likewise, I didn't notice any fluff in the president's quote.

You are all over the place with your post. The quote does not discuss marriage or how babies are made.

What were you smoking when you wrote this?