Thursday, February 9, 2012

DU: Graphic of the day

It's clear from the primary results that the GOP base is not excited about their candidates. In Florida, the primary turnout was 15 per cent lower than in 2008. Most GOP caucuses have had less than 10 per cent turnout.

The Democratic Party should hold onto the presidency and retake the House. Democrats may lose the Senate, but if the Democratic victory is big enough in 2012. they could control all three branches.

Mitt Romney's problem is that he is the only candidate because of this centrist views who could threaten Obama's reelection. At the same time, Mittens offers little contrast to president Obama. So what is the point of changing to that GOP horse in the middle of a stream?

Newt Gignrich could bring the whole GOP house of cards down as the presidential nominee and the party insiders know this. Ron Paul continues to lag behind finishing third or forth in most of the GOP races.

That  leaves Rick Santorum arguably dumber than a box of hammers. Rightardia doubts that Rick has the ability to mount a national political campaign that could threaten Obama.

graphic courtesy of Democratic Underground

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