Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Newster is charged with an improper display of excess baggage

According to Gallup, the Romney lead is evaporating nationally over Gingrich. Only 10 points separate The Newster and Mittens.

Newt is just as mega-maniacal as ever and will certainly have major problems with evangelical and female voters.

Newt is beating Romney is the debates and the Romney campaign has announced it won't attend the Florida debate.

The Romney team is making a huge mistake by putting its head back into the sand.

Meanwhile the GOP politicos are whispering 'brokered convention" which means someone else could be nominated for president.

Newt with his monster ego would never accept the vice presidential slot.

Ron Paul is shooting for 400 delegates and a key speaking spot at the GOP convention is Tampa. Paul could become a major power broker if he resigns at the convention and sends his delegates to Mittens or Newt.


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