Sunday, January 15, 2012

NewsMax appears to be endorsing Newt Gingrich

Newt 2012
Dear Friend and Supporter,

Newt 2012All the work we've done over the course of this campaign has led us to this: the South Carolina primary. You and I both know that this country needs Speaker Gingrich's bold leadership and conservative solutions now more than ever. Barack Obama has added more to the federal deficit than every President before him - combined! He's leading this country down a path of more government and less freedom, and we need a real Reagan conservative to help rebuild the America we love.

The South Carolina primary is make or break for this campaign. If we're going to makeSpeaker Gingrich President Gingrich, a win in South Carolina is of the utmost importance! We have just 6 days remaining to spread Newt's message of bold solutions in the Palmetto State, and in order to reach as many voters as possible we must raise $1 million by January 21!

Your support has never been more urgent. Please make a donation to Newt's South Carolina Victory Fund today!

Thank You,

Adam Waldeck
Newt 2012
South Carolina State Director

Rightardia received this email from NewsMax today. NewsMax said in the email: 

Please find below a special message from our sponsoring advertiser, Newt 2012.

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