Sunday, January 22, 2012

Israel to blame for break down in peace talks

RIA NovostiPalestinian President Mahmud AbbasIsrael to blame for talks ‘fiasco’ - Abbas
18:38 22/01/2012 The responsibility for a failure to restart stalled Israeli-Palestinian talks will lie solely with Tel Aviv and its refusal to halt settlement construction, Palestinian President Mahmud Abbas said on Sunday in Moscow.>>

Israel has been satisfied with the satus quo in which it criminally expanded its building program into occupied Arab areas.

The only prospect for peace would be the defeat of the hardliner Likud Party in the next Israeli election.

Likewise, Rightardia hope that Palestine is recognized by the UN. The US position that a peace agreement is needed with Israel prior to statehood is ludicrous.

There has been no progress with a peace agreement since Israel was founded 60 years ago.   Netcraft rank: 6627 Creative Commons License
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