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Cryptlogon: Apple products are made by Foxconn

According to Wikipedia, The Foxconn Technology Group is a multinational business group anchored by the Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd., a Taiwan-registered corporation headquartered in Tucheng, New Taipei, Taiwan. 
Foxconn is the world's-largest maker of electronic components including printed circuit boards.

Notable products the company manufactures include the Amazon Kindle, iPad, iPhone, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii.

It is the largest exporter in Greater China and the second-largest exporter in the Czech Republic.

The company has been involved in several controversies . Most relate to how it manages employees in China, where it is the largest private employer. International attention has repeatedly been drawn to the suicides of workers and the conditions of employment. 

Apple actually installed nets outside of the windows of one of it factories to reduce the suicide of workers who were jumping out of windows.

Here are the large companies that have outsourced manufacturing to Foxconn [source: Wikipedia]:

(country of headquarters in parentheses)

Acer Inc. (Taiwan) (United States)
Apple Inc. (United States)
ASRock (Taiwan)
Asus (Taiwan)
Barnes & Noble (United States)
Cisco (United States)
Dell (United States)
EVGA Corporation (United States)
Hewlett-Packard (United States)[26]
Intel (United States)
IBM (United States)
Lenovo (China)
Logitech (Switzerland)
Microsoft (United States)
MSI (Taiwan)
Motorola (United States)
Netgear (United States)
Nintendo (Japan)
Nokia (Finland)
Panasonic (Japan)
Philips (Netherlands)
Samsung (South Korea)
Sharp (Japan)
Sony Ericsson (Japan/Sweden)
Toshiba (Japan)
Vizio (United States)
So, while the Apple zombies make so much noise about how different Apple’s stuff is from the competition, it’s all made in the same Foxconn dungeons.

The new IPhone with the Siri OS is reticent about where it is manufactured.

Ira Glass: OK, I am holding a new iPhone 4S in my hand. This is the one that you can talk to, and it talks back. It’s a program called Siri. So let’s try this. I’m just going to hold it up to the microphone here and push a button.

Ira Glass: Siri, where do you come from?

Siri Software: I, Siri, was designed by Apple in California.

Ira Glass: Where were you manufactured?

Siri Software: I’m not allowed to say.

Ira Glass: Why?

Siri Software: Good question. Anything else I can do for you?
Rightardia agrees about the "Apple zombies." 
Microsofties had always looked at apple enthusiasts as Luddites who purchased overpriced Apple hardware and software because they users weren't computer literate. 
Today a person can buy a nice laptop with Windows 7 on it for about $400. An equivalent Apple laptop would cost at least $1200. 
The Apple OS is very similar to Linux which is free OS. Rightardia has viewed Apple products as overpriced since the inception of the company. 
Apple actually invented the first home computer but it was so overpriced, IBM captured the personal computer market with inferior software and more affordable hardware. 
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