Friday, December 30, 2011

NBC Marist Poll appears to be flawed

The NBC Marist Poll seems to have made the same mistake the CNN poll made. It forgot to poll independents who can vote in the Iowa Caucus. The Marist poll data refers to potential Republican caucus-goers, but it doesn't directly address independents. The results show a horse race between Romney and Paul.

  • 23% for Mitt Romney (+4)
  • 21% for Ron Paul (+2)
  • 15% for Rick Santorum (+9)
  • 14% for Rick Perry (+4)
  • 13% for Newt Gingrich (-15)
  • 6% for Michele Bachmann (-1)
  • 2% for Jon Huntsman (No change)
  • 7% are undecided (-2)
Rightardia has a hunch that Ron Paul may win this primary.

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