Monday, August 29, 2011

State of a purple state, Florida

Rightardia was hoping to see an improvement in the Gallup ratings, be we saw this instead. We have noticed that weekend Obama ratings are usually down, but they pop back up by mid-week.

The Intrade prediction market shows the president with a reasonable chance for re-eelction.

The Democrats need to raise the enthusiasm gap it has with the GOP, the GOP is more energized at this time. However, chances of the GOP taking the US Senate are diminishing.

The GOP has been attacking the record of Sen. Bill nelson after Rick Scott's "boy," Mike Haridopolis dropped his senate bid.

Could the Democrats take back the House? The Bohener 112th congress has the lowest rating of any standing congress.

Yes, the Democrats could take it back. 

On the state level. Rightardia is wondering how the Florida House and senate races will be conducted under the leadership of Florida Democratic Chairman Rod Smith. The Democrats are having a convention at Disney world in Orlando in October. We hope the convention revs up the Florida Democratic Party.

After years of tinkering with the school system, the GOP has created a mess. Education Week’s latest annual Quality Counts assessment of American education awarded Florida an
80.3 percent grade overall, or a B-minus.

However, Student achievement (scores on national standardized tests):  were D-minus and funding per student (compared to the national average) received an F. College readiness was also given an F.

Gov. Rick Scott wants to change the Florida constitution that was written in the 1880s to privatize the Florida public school saystem. Republicans are trying to claim that Florida constitution has an anti-Catholic bias and the public school constitutional provisions are illegal.

Many Floridians don't understand that parents will have to pay for textbooks and school uniforms at a private school, participate in fund raisers and also volunteer a lot of time.

Rightrdia's staffers has been involved in public school for years as well as student recreational volunteer work. Private school volunteer requirements were even more intense.

We are hoping for an anti-incumbency campaign after 13 years of GOP rule in Florida. We hope Rod Smith goes after Gov. Rick Scott, too.
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