Monday, August 29, 2011

Americans support tax increases to reduce the deficit and income inquality

Found this link on Dangerous Intersection that sites 19 different polls on this subject.

The affluent were heavily taxed during the great Depression to pay for the war and to pull the nation out of the Great Depression.

Of course, it was the affluent who most benefited form the Guilded Age in the 1920s and it was many of the same people who caused the Great Depression. Deregulation and greed were big factors in the depression and the country marched into war and depression under the leadership of three GOP presidents.

A big question is why didn't the the congress and the president fix the tax code when they had the chance while the Pelosi 111th congress was in session?

Were the Democrats timid and afraid of a GOP backlash that occurred anyway? Did Democrats think they could negotiate with the GOP if they kept tax cuts off of the table?

Regardless, the Democrats lost a historic opportunity to fix the nations ills. Instead the Democrats squandered a year on a medical bill that the Supremes may gut out.

Sarah Palin asked a germane question when she said:

How's that hopey, changey thing workin' out for you?

So far Rightardia has been disappointed in the performance of the Democratic Party in Washington DC. Obama may have a real credibility problem with his most ardent supporters, The Progressives, in the next election

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