Friday, April 29, 2011 gets hacked

We noticed this post on Rightrardia uses a lot of the cartoons that RS Jaynes creates. He has an excellent web site. 
We are sorry to inform you that on Monday, May 2, 2011, with cease publication on the net. The reasons are varied, including disagreements about the very nature of the site you have come to know. 
Specifics are mostly unimportant and personal. But the major reason is last week the site was hacked by someone with a very specific agenda. 
They not only jacked up part of the host’s settings on the site so within a day or two there was a $200 bill, but they made it very clear who this attack was aimed at: the editor who pays the bills here and then asks the other two to chip in. apssphrase
They changed that editor’s password and altered some of his postings: including erasing the private, copyrighted, work of several posters on various editions of the Literary Magazine. 
They also erased at least one whole month and posted something else there. This hacker most likely had, or was given, a password to do this amount of damage.
It was a childish and petty act, possibly done out of revenge or not willing to put up with disagreement.
Rigtrtardia had one of it email accounts hacked and also had some Usenet email headers forged. Our blog and Usenet posts have been under attack for more than a year by forgers and spammers named Patriot Games and Buster Norris. 
Apparently, some ultra right wing Republicans are trying to suppress free speech on the Internet and Usenet. We suspect due to the right wing volume of spam we see in alt. politics and other Usenet conferences that a ring is involved
Recently the Digg's Patrots ring was closed down in which several hundred wingnuts were giving progressive articles low ratings to try to suppress the posts
Why would people do this? America is changing demographically and the GOP is fading into a minority regional party. The right wing is using desperate measures to try to hold onto political power. 
For example the Florida  legislature is passing an act to suppress voting because they know the US will no longer be a "white Christian nation" in the next 5 to 10 years. This is also what the immigration fights in the southeast are about. 
This is also why you should vote using an absentee ballot in the next Florida election. This is how you can avoid getting your vote thrown out or caged. 
If you are a Democrat, liberal pr progressive voice, don't let the right wing suppress your message. Make sure you use a web server that is secure and use a long password or pass phrase that is not easily hacked. Change your password every month or two. 
Don't let these bastards get you down. 

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