Monday, February 28, 2011

Media Matters: "There Is No Correlation" Between Collective Bargaining Rights And State Deficits

Jake Tapper said this is union busting 'pure and simple."

Rightardia thinks the union busting and public layoffs can torpedo the recovery.  

First, the public layoffs will create more unemployment and secondly the local economy will lose the part of the government payroll that was being infused into the local economy. 

Middle Class Warrior talked to his daughter who lives in Wisconsin. She pointed out that all of the state teachers are paid on the same scale and many of the senior teachers who live in small rural communities make twice of what the the locals make. 

In addition, the senior teachers have a very light class load: many only have two classes per day while a new hire will have six classes.

This workload creates tremendous stress on new hires because they need time to plan classes and to grade papers. 

Phys ed. teachers also have any easier time than most teachers because planning for their classes is simple and they rarely grade papers. This is why many principals have phys. ed backgrounds in Florida. 

Phys. ed teachers have the extra time to work on advanced degrees and also often called to work in the front office during "dead periods" between classes. 

In Florida, art and music programs were eliminated due to the budget crises, but high school football was untouched. It's a Southern thing!

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