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DCCC: Republicans 's bad budget choices

Feb 27, 2011
Campaign 2010
The 212th Congress is a real horror story

Republicans across the country have been taking heat for their bad budget choices but they’re now the outrage is boiling over for making the middle class sacrifice for spending reductions while protecting taxpayer funding for special interests like Big Oil.

Everyone knows we need to cut spending and reduce the deficit, but the closer American families look at the priorities in the Republican Continuing Resolution, the more they find the wrong choices.

GOP budget cuts put NREL jobs in jeopardy [KWGN]
The news of the appropriations bill with $61 billion in budget cuts, passed before dawn Saturday morning on the strength of the new GOP majority in the U.S. House of Representatives, has been trickling through the laboratories and work rooms at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory this week, as employers here realize their jobs, never mind their mission, are on the chopping block. […] At stake here are far more than the 600 new jobs at NREL, but those created in the private sector as a result of NREL's research and a burgeoning industry of new energy manufacturers, providers and installers.[KWGN, 2/23/11]

Barletta’s votes on clean air draw fire [Pocono Record]
“Tom Jensen, director of Public Policy Polling, said the votes threaten Barletta's future in the predominantly Democratic district he won last November. ‘For Rep. Barletta this was definitely a risky vote,’ Jensen said during a telephone news conference. ‘This is definitely one of the votes that could make Rep. Barletta a one-term congressman.’” [Pocono Record, 2/24/11]

NH-Maine bridge funding could be budget casualty [AP]
“WMUR-TV says New Hampshire's two members of the U.S. House of representatives, Frank Guinta and Charlie Bass, voted over the weekend in favor of eliminating several economic recovery gr114Shareants, including the one for the bridge.” [AP, 2/24/11]

Looming Federal Cuts Could Impact Brookhaven National Laboratory [The Southampton Press]
“Threatened cuts to the federal budget could gut Brookhaven National Laboratory, a research facility run by the U.S. Department of Energy in Upton, by potentially forcing officials to slam the doors on large-scale research facilities and axe 930 employees—a third of the lab’s staffing.” [Southampton Press, 2/23/11]

Parents march to Buchanan’s office to protest Head Start cuts [Herald-Tribune]
“A group of two dozen parents loaded their babies into strollers Wednesday and pushed them a mile down Orange Avenue to Congressman Vern Buchanan's office to protest cuts to Head Start.  In Sarasota County, cuts recommended by the House of Representatives would likely mean 140 fewer children receiving federally-funded day care and 32 workers losing their jobs… Later, staffers from Buchanan's office issued a statement defending the cuts as necessary to curb deficit spending and create jobs.” [Herald-Tribune, 2/23/11]

Schilling on Quad Cities Amtrak route: "I don't believe it's dead".
In his first interview since voting to eliminate a $230 million federal grant to build an Amtrak line from Chicago to Iowa City, U.S. Rep. Bobby Schilling sat down with News 8 to discuss his decision, and how he thinks that rail service through the Quad Cities could still eventually happen. […]Schilling said he's certain when the budget comes back to the U.S. House from the Senate, a lot of the items eliminated from the budget will return. “I don't believe it’s dead,” he said. […] Durbin and [Sen.] Mark Kirk aren't going to let a lot of this stuff flow through, and then it's going to come back and then we break it down on an individual basis," he said. "You know, that's just how the process works."  [WQAD, 2/23/11]

Head Start Program In Jeopardy [WTOV]
“200,000 children's futures hang in the balance as the largest budget cuts in Head Start's history are being debated by members of Congress. Head Start is a program for low-income families who are trying to prepare their child for the challenges of the educational system. There are more than 426 children who will be affected and 161 Head Start staff who stand to lose their jobs within the 1st Congressional District of West Virginia.” [WTOV, 2/23/11]

Gibson’s votes drawing protests in Kinderhook [WGXC]
“Congressman Chris Gibson’s getting his first taste of home turf protests against his Republican majority lockstep votes to date in two separate incidents planned for Thursday, February 24 at his offices in Kinderhook and Saratoga, starting at 12 noon.” [WGXC, 2/23/11]

Parents protest Congressman Farenthold’s office over budget cuts [Valley Central]
“’My kids have learned a lot and if they don't go to Head Start, I'm going to lose my job I'll have to stay at home and who knows what's going to happen.’  Isabel Curiel and several other mothers of kids in head start programs across the valley are taking their concerns to the office of US Congressman Blake Farenthold after learning the House of Representatives, including the Republican congressman, approved a bill which would cut discretionary funds including head start programs.” [Valley Central, 2/23/11]

Former mayor votes to slash city funding [New Hampshire Union Leader]
“Despite requests from Mayor Ted Gatsas and city officials to maintain funding for programs for some of the city's poorest residents, New Hampshire's congressional delegation has given little indication it intends to do so. Recently approved House cuts would reduce the city's $2 million Community Development Block Grant funding by more than half this year. President Obama proposed a 7.5 percent cut to CDBG funds in his recently released 2012 U.S. budget that would result in about $155,000 less for city programs next year. On Saturday, Rep. Frank Guinta, R-Manchester, voted in favor of more than $100 billion in cuts for fiscal year 2011, including a 63 percent cut in the CDBG program. This will slash more than $2.5 billion in requests for state and local aid, and Manchester could lose up to $1 million in remaining CDBG funding.  During Guinta's two terms as mayor of Manchester, the city received more than $7.5 million in federal CDBG funds.” [Union Leader, 2/23/11]

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