Saturday, January 29, 2011

Huffington Post: Netflix Ranks Internet Provider Performance

Netflix just launched the latest volley in the boiling battle between the movie-streaming company and the Internet providers who want to charge them by the bit.
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When you provide streaming media services, a reliable high speed Internet is essential

Netflix published a report card on Thursday rating different Internet service providers on their ability to deliver the streaming power the company depends upon.

We noticed that Time-Warner (Bright House's road Runner) beats  Verizon FIOS. 

Rightardia switched to Bright House after numerous billing ans service problems with Verizon FIOS. Rightardia discovered Verizon FIOS is slower and pricier than Brighthouse Road runner.

Since the switch, we have had no significant problems. 

Many seniors we have talked to said they liked FIOS but simply couldn't afford it.

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