Saturday, January 29, 2011

Schools are being deregulated in the UK

Eight applications are now in the final stages to open free schools in England. these schools are unlinked for the local school councils that would be equivalent to a school board in the US.

In the US, conservatives have been fiddling with education for the past decade with charter schools, Edison schools,and vouchers. According to the UN's OECD,  the US system has substantially slipped.

How about it, wingnuts? You're big on deregulation. How about deregulating schools so teachers aren't unencumbered with a bunch of silly riles.

For example, in Florida English teachers have to maintain a writing folder on each of their students to show they are progressing in their writing. This puts a tremendous burden on the teacher and is frankly unnecessary.

Undoubtedly some pointy headed bureaucrat was distressed with writing scores in years past and decided to take out on the English teachers.

Deregulating schools from state and school board control is a fine idea. Perhaps if we got the politicians out of education, out schools would actually improve.

What a good idea from the UK!

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