Monday, November 29, 2010

"My way or the highway" Limbaugh

This is a good explanation of why Republicans and Democrats don't work well together. A caller claiming to be a moderate Democrat asks Limbaugh how the two parties will get something done. Limbaugh says the there is no way to bridge the gap.

Limbaugh sees no possibility of getting anything done  with liberals. The solution, "they (Democrats) must be politically beaten."

According to Limbaugh there is no such thing as a moderate Democrat. This is after the GOP has been purging moderates from the Republican party using the Club for Growth for years.

The US is in dire economic starts and if the two parties can't get together, we will end up like Greece and Ireland which is what Wayne Madsen Reports has predicted.

Limbaugh then states: 

The Constitution is an obstacle to them, it's a Bible to me.

Of course, the Iraq War was contrived, there was no  legal basis for he GITMO detention facility and the torture of Iraqis clearly violated the Geneva conventions and US sensibilities.

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