Monday, November 29, 2010

Helping a rightard buy a car

Wirehead has a 40 year -old relative who is a 100 per cent rightard. He loves talk radio and Rush Limbaugh, and would sit out in his car listening to AM radio when he lived at home for a couple of years.

Wirehead had to block Fox News on TV because he didn't want his children to hear the hate and misinformation.

To prove this man is an uncompromising rightard,Ricky actually bought a rifle with his unemployment compensation.

Wirehead has been telling this ne'er-do-well to buy a new vehicle because his 1996 truck has been failing for at least two years.

To protect the innocent, we will call this rightard, Ricky the Rightard.

After months of searching Ricky the Rightard finally found an 8 cylinder truck he could afford. Wirehead told him to go get it and offered him some tips on the purchase.

Ricky is an indecisive and fearful Rightard as most of them are and immediately came up with reasons he couldn't buy the truck of his dreams

Reason number 1: The vehicle cost more than $10,000 and he didn't want to pay that much for the car of his dreams.

Wirehead's counter: Either buy the car you want or opt for 6 cylinder version that will be less than $10,000. $10,000 is an arbitrary number.

Reason number 2. The car payments may be more than $200 per month. Without negotiating with the dealer, Wirehead expected to monthly payments to be about $200 per month assuming Ricky traded in his own car and did some tough negotiation.

However, Ricky wanted to keep his old car in case he lost his job and the new car was repossessed. This meant he would lose at least $1,000 on the trade in and have to insure the second car for another $40 a month. He was also thinking of selling the old car which is probably worth about $500.

Wirehead's counter: Trade-in the old car and get a $1000 trade in and also avoid another $40 in insurance a month. Wirehead believed Ricky was overly fearful about possible outcomes after losing the old car which may also have sentimental value. 

The bottom line was he could not really afford to operate two cars, particularity as a single man. Wirehead pointed out he may have to pay to get the old truck hauled to a junk dealer if he doesn't get rid of the truck soon.

Reason Number 3: The auto dealer will want too much for the car because it is the model and color I want.

Wirehead's counter: The auto dealer doesn’t know what you want unless you tell him. Dealers price cars based on the market, not an individual’s auto preferences.

Reason Number 4: I don't like to negotiate with auto dealers.

Wirehead's counter: Welcome to the real world. Wirehead's eldest son bought a car from the same dealer and did a bang-up job in negotiating the price after Wirehead prepped him with buying information form Consumer Reports. Wirehead's son will help the rightard buy the vehicle from the salesmen he purchased his car from.

Wirehead's son knows how to get the job done. He will not try to talk himself out of the transaction.
BTW, The ConsumerReports Buying Guide 2011 is now out. If you are thinking of making any major purchase, this guide is excellent and has many tips on buying a new or used car.

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