Sunday, November 28, 2010

Haaretz: Israel likely to be the focus of Wikileak revelations

Material concerning Israel will not be the focal point of a new exposé by the whistle-blowing website WikiLeaks, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday, as Israel and the United States tensely awaited the imminent release of American classified diplomatic cables expected to include secret communiques between the two countries.

"Israel is not the center of international attention," the premier said, adding that Jerusalem had not "been updated by the Americans about specific sensitive materials to be disclosed regarding Israel."

The U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv last week informed the Foreign Ministry that WikiLeaks was planning to release hundreds of thousands of American diplomatic cables, some of which could deal with Israel-America relations.

The U.S. said it wanted to let the Israeli government know so it would not be surprised and would be prepared for publicity that may cause diplomatic embarrassment.

A senior Israeli official familiar with the contents of the message, who asked to remain anonymous because of the sensitivity of the matter, said that according to the Americans, the WikiLeaks material includes diplomatic cables sent to Washington from American embassies throughout the world.

Sources in Washington said the documents would be coming out soon, perhaps even as soon as Sunday.

The United States has also contacted other allied states, warning them that the communiqués could affect them.

The countries contacted reportedly include Afghanistan, Australia, Britain, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Norway, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and the United Arab Emirates.

The cables date from the past five years and include media reports, talks with politicians, government officials and journalists, as well as evaluations and various analyses by American diplomats regarding their host countries.

Rightardia would suspect that the cables may be more embarrassing to the Bush administration and reveal connections between Bush neocons, AIPAC and Israel.

If the US is double dealing in the middle east on the Palestinian-Israel peace accords, Rightardia hopes that is also revealed.

The Wikileaks documents will be released today and this follows on the heels of a huge AIPAC scandal: See

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