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WMR: Ed Miliband, Britsh Labor Party's first Jewish leader, has some in Israel worried

Wayne Madsen Report September 27, 2010

Ed Miliband, UK Labour Leader

September 27, 2010
-- Ed Miliband, Britsh Labor Party's first Jewish leader, has some in Israel worried.

The election of Ed Miliband, Tony Blair's one-time Energy Minister and London School of Economics alumnus, as leader of the British Labor Party, and hence, Leader of the Opposition of Great Britain, over his more pro-Israeli brother, former Blair Foreign Secretary David Miliband, clearly has some Israeli leaders concerned.

Marion Kozak, the Miliband brothers' mother, is a supporter of Jews for Justice for Palestinians (JJP), which has dispatched an aid ship from Northern Cyprus to break the Israeli blockade of Gaza. Kozak's support for the Palestinians cause has sent the Israeli media and leadership into a frenzy over the "left-wing" affiliations of Kozak and her son, Labor's first Jewish leader. JJP also favors negotiations between Israel and Hamas, as well as the freeing of all Palestinian prisoners held in Israeli prisons.

WMR can also report that informed sources have told us that Ed Miliband is no great fan of Newscorp chief Rupert Murdoch, whose global media empire takes a decidedly neo-conservative stance and aggressively supports Israel. A number of pro-Israeli Jewish members of Parliament cast their votes for David Miliband.

Ed Miliband edged out his brother by a mere 1.3 per cent of the vote in the September 25 election for leader of the Labor Party. Ed, the younger of the two brothers, won with the strong backing of British labor unions. Unlike Blair and his brother David, Ed Miliband is seen as representing the left of the Labor Party.

However, not everyone is trusting of the new Labor Party leader and it will remain to be seen if Ed Miliband's leftist rhetoric will be transformed into policy should he ever be elected British Prime Minister.

Like his brother David, Ed supported the Blair government's introduction of the British national identification card later scrapped by the new Tory-Liberal Democratic coalition government. Ed Miliband also promised to find a significant role for his more Zionist-oriented brother David in Labor's shadow cabinet.

Another worrying sign for those who believe Ed Miliband's left-wing credentials may be a clever ruse to gain power, along with his sibling, over the Labor Party, is his reaction to anti-war protesters in Birmingham in April 2009.

Ed Miliband bought into the prevailing 9/11 conspiracy theory and, according to the Birmingham Evening Mail, replied to protesters: "9/11 happened first, 3,000 people lost their lives that day in an attack we know was launched from training camps in Afghanistan. We had to ensure the safety of people in this country. There are many in Afghanistan who are appreciative, girls who can go to school, and people who have had the chance to vote."

The brothers Miliband are the sons of Ralph Miliband, a Polish Jewish Marxist theoretican who fled from from Belgium to Britain during World War II. While in Belgium, Ralph Miliband was active in the Zionist Hashomer Hatzair movement.

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