Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Rightardia Florida general election endorsements

Rightardia endorses Kendrick Meek for the US Senate. We like Independent Charlie Crist, a long time Floridian politician, too. As long as Marco Rubio is defeated, we will be pleased.

Alex Sink is beating Slick Rick Scott, the billionaire with a chequered past, in the polls. Neither Republicans or Democrats trust Slick Rick.
Dan Gelber, Democratic candidate for Attorney General

Dan Gelber is clearly the most qualified candidate for Attorney General. This one is a no-brainer.

We support Charlie Justice for the Congressional District 10 seat.  His opponent, CW Bill Young, is running for 20th term in the House. So much for term limits.

As Republicans go, we like Bill Young a lot. He has done many wonderful things for District 10, but some fresh blood in needed in Washington.

We also endorse Loranne Ausley for CFO (treasurer)and Scott Maddox for Commissioner of Agriculture.

In Pinellas County, we endorse Tom McKone for the District 48 state representative seat.

We did research all of the State Supreme Court and District Court judges. All should be retained.

Regarding the State Constitutional amendments:  No. 1 would eliminate public financing for candidates. Rightrdia  thinks that is undemocratic. See

We don't support amendment No. 2 either. The state doesn't need to cut taxes for deployed military people while they are laying off state employees.

Amendment No. 4 is opposed by most Florida newspapers. There seems to be almost universal agreement that this is a bad amendment.

Since 2002 the GOP has tried to change the class size amendment on numerous occasions and failed. This is one more attempt. Vote 'no" on amendment number 8. The statehouse needs to read the public's lips!

Number 9 is a non-binding state-wide political statement that should not be on the ballot. Vote 'no' on this meaningless referendum. 

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