Saturday, August 28, 2010

Gearturbine - New atypical turbine technology

GEARTURBINE Monterrey, Mexico -Geraturbine is an atypical Combustion Turbine Engine, that uses the "Dextrogiro vs Levogiro" Effect, is when the inflow direction moves is against the variable speed? [VS] of the circular rotary dynamic.

When the inflow has more velocity,  the rotor will increase its revolutions per minite (RPM) because of the  push the single turbine provides with the planetary gear.

Some of the features of this new turbine are:
  1. RPM Rotor Move VS Inflow Conduits Way
  2. Wide cylindrical shape dynamic mass (continue Inertia kinetic positive tendens motion / all the motor weight is going with the power thrust direction), -Non Waste, parasitic losses form-function engine system for; cooling, lubrication & combustion;
  3. Lubrication & Combustion inside a conduit radial position, out way direction, activated by centrifugal force Fueled Injected (centripetal to in) , -Cooling in & out; In by Thermomixing flow & Out by air Thermo transference, activated by the dynamic rotary move,
  4. Increase the first compression by using the reduction of one big circumference fan blades going to two very long distance captive compression inflow propulsion conduits
  5. Inside active rotor with 4 pairs of retro-dynamic turbos (complete regeneration power system), 
  6. mechanical direct "Planetary Gear" power thrust using two small gears in polar position inside a bigger shell gear, wide out the rotor circumference were have much more lever power thrust, lower RPM in a simple way solution for turbines, to make possible for a some new work application (land).
  7. 3 Stages of inflow turbo compression before the combustion.There are 3 points of united of power thrust: 1- Rocket Flames, 2-Planetary Gear  &amp 3-Exhaust Propulsion, all in one system.
  8. two continuous circular moving inside combustion (rocket flames). 
  9. Hybrid flow system different kind of aerolasticity thermoplastic inflow propulsion types; single, action & reaction turbines applied in the same system,
  10. Military benefits, No blade erosion by sand & very low heat target profile. -Power thrust by barr (tube); air sea land & generation application,
  11. It emulates  a very high % per cent efficient power plant engine.
-Patent; Dic 1991 IMPI Mexico #197187

This is a project promotion, with out any compromises (compensation?). 
I hope looks interesting to you. Thanks.

Carlos Barrera Garza.
Monterrey, Mexico.

Disclaimer: Rightardia has technical people in our organization, but none are engineers who can evaluate this product. We apologize for any factual errors made in this article. We would appreciate comments from any readers who are familiar with this sort of technology.

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Thank you for you comment. We are not familiar with the new technology, but it looks interesting.